I have been pondering and writing about the idea of "Post-ideologism" and I wonder if we are witnessing a state of Post-Ideologism within the art/design fraternity. My ideas are in their infancy but I feel we are now seeing the Post-Ideologic Generation of design. It appears the optimism and innovation of Modernity is dead and the pessimism and self-awareness of post-modernity too has waned. So, where are we now? What appears to be lacking from recent contemporary design is any ideologic or philosophical content at all. It seems that recent design only consists of superficial aesthetics. Beauty for beauty’s sake could, of course, be the intended philosophy or approach but it seems this is not so. There is no apparent movement, conviction, ideology, philosophy or doctrine, only mass apathy and one dimensional, meaningless design. 

Post-ideologism describes this mass apathy. 

I believe there has to be a philosophical and/or expressive content to any work of art for it to have any merit or to even exist as art at all. I would like to see a new wave of "Neo-ideologic" design. I do not see Neo-ideologism as being a specific ideology or movement governing the individual's style, method or thought. But rather a much broader term and general school of thought that recognizes Post-ideologic design and strives (in reaction) to promote the importance and necessity of a philosophical, ideologic or expressive presence within design.

An example of this Neo-ideologic design would be my own work but there are
other examples to be found. One artist/designer who's work, I believe, is neo-ideologic is Andrew Van Der Merwe. Please take a look at his work and appreciate it.

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